posted at 18:50
Author: Ben Rich, Green Car Reports
Sat, 22 Nov 2014 02:01:19 +0000
Electric motorcycle gangs: Youll never hear them coming
Group rides for charity are common in the summer and fall riding seasons. Are there now groups of electric motorcycle riders tearing up the streets? Is it possible to have a group ride? You get to enjoy riding with all of the benefits of riding a powerful motorcycle safely in a group without any of the smell or noise associated with gasoline-powered bikes. Friends of people who ride electric motorcycles sometimes still ride them. Bikers are bikers, regardless of electric or gas power; if you can ride, you're welcome to join a group of people enjoying a two-wheeled ride through the canyons. I've gone on a few rides with friends who ride gas bikes, and it required some extra planning and time. For vacation riders you can go on a tour of the Alps on electric motorcycles with Eidelweiss Bike Travel or ride electric motorcycles around Cape Town, South Africa with Dualsport Adventures. In the end, electric motorcycles are amazing to ride: Just ask anyone who has gone for a test ride.

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