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Author Name: Kevin Loria
Elizabeth Holmes Of Theranos At TEDMED
If you were to visit your doctor today, that doctor might send you to a lab to get a blood test. Then you'd go for a follow up exam, but if that blood test raised other questions, you might have to go get another vial drawn from your arm. She is a Stanford dropout who founded a company called Theranos that's trying to revolutionize the blood test. Theranos's system allows them to run dozens of tests on that single drop of blood, with results available within a few hours. Revolutionizing the blood test made Holmes a billionaire. Having a quick test done before a trip to the doctor could eliminate unnecessary lab visits, but Holmes envisions a world where anyone can get a test done and then use that information to try and improve their health. While there are limits on how much use an individual could get out of a blood test on their own, she does mention some that might be handy, including a blood-based pregnancy test or a test for a sexually transmitted infection. We still don't know exactly how these blood tests work - that information has been kept a closely guarded secret, and so we can't directly compare these tests to all traditional blood tests.

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