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Author Name: Mike Bird
European Markets Open Nov 26 2014
On Tuesday, the company hinted that more layoffs could be coming with its plans to separate itself into two huge companies. Uber is close to raising a new round of funding that would value it between $35 and $40 billion, according to Bloomberg. T. Rowe Price is said to be among the new investors. The Nikkei closed down 0.14%, but the Hang Seng is currently trading up 0.65% ahead of the close. WTI crude futures for January 15th are currently trading at $74.14. Jose Antonio Alvarez, the bank's former CFO, replaces Javier Marin, who became chief executive two years ago, according to the Financial Times. The new European Commission president is expected to announce an investment programme intended to give the lifeless European economies a jump-start. The new European Fund for Strategic Investment will be funded to the tune of €21 billion, but its work will have an net effect on the economy of about 315 billion euros, according to an official estimate.

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