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Author Name: Romaric Ollo Hien
Fears of army influence as interim Burkina PM picks team
Isaac Zida listen to proceedings during Kafando's inauguration ceremony on November 21, 2014 in OuagadougouOuagadougou - Burkina Faso army strongman and new Prime Minister Isaac Zida is set Saturday to name his ministerial team, amid fears of continued military influence over the phased return to democratic rule. Lieutenant Colonel Zida, in charge of Burkina Faso since the ouster of veteran leader Blaise Compaore three weeks ago, formally handed power to interim civilian President Michel Kafando on Friday. Zida presented a Burkinabe flag to Kafando, who waved it before the crowd gathered in a stadium in the capital Ouagadougou for a ceremony attended by six African heads of state. Zida has been named prime minister in Burkina's interim government, a move that will ensure the military retains a large say in running the country under Kafando, a 72-year-old former foreign minister and career diplomat. Zida is expected to name army officials to the key positions of defence, finance and social affairs in his new 25-member government on Saturday, a diplomatic source said. Some civil society representatives have also voiced concern over Zida's appointment, while some residents of Ouagadougou called it a betrayal of their "Revolution". Then second-in-command of the presidential guard, Zida was installed by the military in the immediate aftermath of the uprising against Compaore. On Wednesday, Zida urged the Burkinabe people and the international community "To accompany us without prejudice" towards a peaceful transition, insisting the government would make no "Selfish calculations".

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