posted at 18:50
Author Name: Pamela Engel and Matt Johnston
Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted
AP Photo/City of Ferguson, FileDarren Wilson attends a city council meeting in Ferguson. The grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson, who is white, shot Michael Brown after stopping him and a friend for walking in the street. Wilson said Brown was reaching for Wilson's gun. Brown's autopsy report seemed to support Wilson's version of events, according to experts who spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last month. Brown's wounds seem to suggest that he was facing Wilson when the deadly shot was fired. Protests, which at times turned violent, erupted in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri in August after Wilson shot Brown. Sources told The Washington Post last month that the Justice Department didn't have a strong enough case to charge Wilson and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he intended to violate Brown's constitutional rights.

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