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Wed, 12 Nov 2014 12:00:10 +0000
FinTech disruption: meet a new class of innovators
Tech entrepreneurs have begun to challenge the financial status quo by building products that bring more transparency and consumer advocacy to the world of finance. A tremendous amount of progress has been made over the past couple years - in lending, equity financing, digital payments, accounting, portfolio management, and more - to the point where consumers nowadays are more likely to pull out their smartphone to make a payment or check a balance, rather than pull out their checkbook or consult a bank teller. Yodlee Interactive's incubator program was createdformed to give aspiring entrepreneurs the resources to get their ideas off the ground, with the goal of helping them build products that make handling money easier, faster and better - and to capitalize on the billion-dollar industry of financial technology. Bowery Financial is providing a more personalized and transparent banking experience for customers. The goal is to create a "Virtuous circle" where entrepreneurs have more support and resources at their disposal and are thus more able to succeed. Their success, in turn, will motivate more entrepreneurs to innovate, and more financial institutions to adopt these innovations, elevating the ecosystem as a whole. The mentors Yodlee Interactive's new class will be directed by Jeff Cain, who previously served as Vice President of Rutberg & Co., It will be unveiled at a weeklong program bootcamp starting on November 17th. Cain has invited industry leaders such as Patrick Mork, current entrepreneur at Signia Venture Partners and previously CMO at Google Play; and Deirdre Davi, Director of Business Marketing, North America, for Facebook; to provide their mentorship and expertise throughout the program. For more information, contact

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