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Flooding fears mount in snowed-in area of New York state
Areas of western New York that got socked with more than six feet of snow this week are now are under a flood warning, the National Weather Service said. The zone was previously under a flood watch, which urges people to prepare for a possibility, while a more serious flood warning is issued when flooding is imminent or occurring. More than 600,000 people live in the area, where thousands particularly in towns south of Buffalo have been trapped in their homes for nearly a week - unable to emerge from doors they cannot open due to heavy snowpack. Authorities urged people to clear storm drains in front of their homes, and to get any valuables out of their basements. Many of those who died lost their lives while clearing mounds of heavy snow from their cars and homes. The massive weight of the snow was a key worry for many. The roof at the Flexovit machinery plant in Evans "Collapsed" Friday, Erie county authorities said. The same county authorities have not yet addressed if people were inside, or whether people were evacuated at a time when many roads were blocked, and authorities' manpower stretched to the breaking point.

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