posted at 16:52
Author: Mark Sullivan
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 00:11:32 +0000
Gamgee raises another $4M for voice-enabled patient engagement platform
The market is crowded with companies with apps that try to make sure people follow their post-operation instructions from their doctor. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing today, the company has just raised another $4 million to further develop its app. Gamgee is not listed as a portfolio company at the Khosla Ventures site, meaning Vinod is making a personal investment in the company. Gamgee's 22otters app uses a simple interface to engage patients. The messaging in the app is deliverable via SMS and voice calls in multiple languages, the company says. Gamgee says the app is currently being used by a number of clinics, which are reporting good patient engagement results and good reviews from patients. The Menlo Clinic and George Washington University are listed as clients on the company's Angel List page. The content in the app is populated by a cloud-based platform, which Gamgee says allows it to customize content for specific providers and move quickly to new use cases.

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