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Author Name: Jim Edwards
Googles Monopoly And Antitrust Law
If Google gets broken up because it's a monopoly, it will be mostly Google's fault. Today, the European Union took the first step in that extraordinary process: EU parliament members voted in favour of breaking up Google in order to end its monopoly in search. BIThe best evidence for that came from Yelp and a coalition of companies it has formed who believe they are being screwed out of their natural, "Organic" ranking in search results because Google simply dumps its own - often unhelpful - content on top of the "Real" search ranking of which sites are best. Yelp's evidence was elegant and simple: It used Google's own search API to create a browser extension that displayed Google search results without results that include promo boxes generated from Google+, the unpopular identity/social network product that Google launched to counter Facebook. The extension shows you the "Real" result generated by Google's algorithm, without the self-promotional fluff that Google layers on top of it. Hotel review sites like Tripadvisor - which have hundreds of reader reviews per hotel, and are thus good quality search results if you're looking for hotels - get buried under Google's own Google+ review boxes, in which only a handful of people have written reviews. It's difficult to argue that Google is serving the "Best" hotel results if its own algorithm is being crammed down under auto-generated promo boxes for Google's own properties. Dozens of companies believe Google uses its search might to dictate terms in industries that Google itself does not compete in.

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