posted at 18:50
Author: Jordan Novet
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 02:00:12 +0000
Hampton Creeks data scientists team up with chefs to find the holy grail of plant proteins
Inside the cramped office of Hampton Creek, a 3-year-old San Francisco startup, data scientists are doing something wholly different, and arguably more impactful. They're weeding out billions of proteins from hundreds of thousands of plants to figure out what could form the basis of a vegan equivalent of an egg. Drawbacks get sent upstairs to the data scientists, who block out the protein in question and others related to it. Hampton Creek has caught attention alongside other startups with products that people can buy and eat, like Beyond Meat and Soylent. "Our slug is, we apply deep machine learning to plant biological data," Lee Chae, Hampton Creek's head of research and development, explained to VentureBeat in an interview at the startup's office. Chae said, Hampton Creek has explored the use of deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence, to meet its objectives. Above: Scrambled eggs, Hampton Creek style, courtesy of research and development chef Ben Roche. Jones, who spent several years as chef de cuisine at the Moto Restaurant in Chicago before moving to San Francisco to work for Hampton Creek, prefers good old notebooks to store his observations about proteins.

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