posted at 06:50
Author Name: James Cook
Heres Why Facebook Is Making A Move Into Enterprise Software
A new Financial Times report claims that Facebook is developing a version of the site meant for use in the workplace. The report says that "Facebook at Work" will allow employees to collaborate, edit documents, collect professional contacts, and chat with colleagues. So why is Facebook moving away from a social network to workplace software? Facebook is now so big that it needs markets in the billions of dollars simply to move the needle. It's not just the appeal of enterprise customers that makes work software a good move for Facebook. Facebook and Twitter have tried to create interesting new features - think Facebook gifts and Twitter Music - but the reception has often been lukewarm, and the features have been pulled. More and more tech businesses are realising the need to make the move into enterprise software, and Facebook is one of the last to make the leap. Facebook employees have been using the site to work together for years.

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