posted at 23:50
Author Name: Dennis Chong
Hong Kong police grill British trader over double murder
Police were called to the scene where they found a naked woman with knife wounds to her neck and buttock in the living room. The woman found in the living room, described by police as a foreigner aged between 25 and 30, was declared dead at the scene, with the cause thought to be a cut to her throat. The victims are believed by police to be sex workers of Southeast Asian origin, local reports said. One of the victims was thought to be a 25-year-old Indonesian, the government in Jakarta said, adding that its consulate in Hong Kong was coordinating with the police to identify her. Police said the man they were questioning lives in the apartment, and that it was he himself who had called officers to the scene. "We are in touch with the local police and stand ready to provide consular assistance," it said. Briefing reporters late Saturday, police assistant district commander Wan Siu-hung said: "There was a female that was unconscious, with knife injuries and was naked." Police then discovered the body of the second woman on the apartment's balcony, he said.

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