posted at 17:50
Author: Mo Marshall
Sat, 29 Nov 2014 01:07:55 +0000
How Arizona is becoming a hotbed for tech startups
The technology startup scene in Arizona was essentially non-existent for a long time. Sure, Motorola once employed tens of thousands of people in the Phoenix area and Intel still has major operations in Chandler, but from a startup perspective, Arizona has never been the most friendly place. A lot has changed in the past decade, and as the founder of two Phoenix-area tech startups during that time, I've seen firsthand why Arizona - yes, Arizona - is becoming the next hotbed for startups. What people in Arizona's tech sector have known for a few years now is how much more there is than that. Back around 2007, when I was getting my Phoenix tech startup Flypaper off the ground, there had been relatively few successful tech companies started in Arizona, and tech wasn't on most people's radar. The housing crash and the Great Recession came along at a time in Arizona history when the tech community was finally getting itself together. The energy around Arizona State University has also jumpstarted the state's startup scene in recent years. Piggybacking on ASU's efforts, handfuls of other local tech incubators and startup competitions have emerged in Arizona in the past few years.

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