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Author: The Daily Muse
How to ace an intro call with a recruiter
Your resume just captured the attention of a recruiter. Now, you will likely be invited to participate in a screening interview - via phone, Skype or Google Hangout or in-person - with the HR person or recruiter who just found you. How do you stack the odds in your favor and ensure that you sail through this critical stage in the hiring process? By understanding what the recruiter's role is, what he's looking for and what he stands to gain by finding the right candidate, and then strategizing accordingly. More often than not, HR people or recruiters aren't going to be looking for nitty-gritty details about your technical aptitude. Recruiters love when they realize a candidate is a strong match skills-wise for the role they're attempting to fill. Assuming you are reasonably interested in the opportunity, you've got to make that instantly clear to the recruiter during the screening call. Understand the recruiter's role and stake in this process. By understanding the role of the recruiter in the hiring process, you will likely be better able to strategize this first interview.

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