posted at 06:51
Author: Andrea Romano
How to make a snow globe out of a mason jar
The holidays are a great time to bust out your craft supplies for some fun and easy DIY projects - like snow globes. Whether they're a super nerd or more traditional, there is a snow globe out there for everyone. Start by removing your mason jar lid and decide where you'd like to place your figurines. Make sure you are able to close your jar once they are in place. While the lid is drying, pour about a tablespoon of glitter into your jar for the "Snow." You can add a little less or more depending on your personal taste or the size of your jar. Pour water into the jar, but do not fill all the way, taking into account any water displacement your figurines might have when the snow globe is finished. Lastly, add 3-5 small drops of glycerin to the water to allow your "Snow" to fall slowly when you shake it. Once your figurines are completely dry, apply craft glue around the rim and threads of the jar to form a seal and close tightly.

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