posted at 23:50
Author: Megan Specia
How the world lost interest in Kobani
For two weeks beginning in late September, the world was gripped by the dramatic fight for the small Kurdish town of Kobani in northern Syria. In the late fall, ISIS militants had moved in on Kobani, capturing nearby villages as local Kurdish forces tried to hold ground. As the battle for Kobani got underway, the neighboring town of Suruc became a staging area for international reporters. During the first week of September, there were only about 1,000 tweets containing the term 'Kobani,' according to a Twitter spokesperson who looked at data at Mashable's request. A month later, the number of tweets mentioning 'Kobani' had ballooned to about 1 million tweets. Twitter went crazy that week with the highest volume of tweets mentioning Kobani occurring on Oct. 5 and Oct. 6. Most Western reporters have left the hillside and the volume of tweets about Kobani now averages about 180,000 per week. To date, the U.S.-led coalition has conducted almost 300 airstrikes on ISIS positions in and around Kobani - and the fight is still going on.

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