posted at 16:50
Author Name: Julie Bort
HP Has Over 400 People Working On Carving Up The Company
By this time next year, HP expects to have cleaved itself into two huge, publicly traded companies. "This is a big and complicated separation," Whitman told analysts on the company's quarterly conference on Tuesday. "It is the biggest separation that's ever been done and it's not a typical spin-off, where you've got one big company spinning off a little part of the company. These are two Fortune 50 companies that both have about $57 billion of revenue." There is one central "Corporate separation management office," she said. There is also a "Separation management office" for both of the new companies: HP Enterprise and HP Inc. "Their job is to make sure we have the right strategy with the right cost structure as we head into being two separate companies," she explained. Building IT from scratch for two huge companies is going to be expensive and HP hasn't said how much it plans to spend on this separation. If your goal is to create two huge new tech companies, it only makes sense that they eat their own dog food and use all the latest, greatest tech.

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