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Author Name: Carola Sole
In Mexico, searching blindly for 43 missing students
In the first days after the students vanished following a police attack in the town of Iguala on September 26, Guerrero state authorities initially said the students were maybe just hiding. The mayor is now accused of ordering the gang-linked local police force to round up the students out of fear they would interrupt a speech by his wife. Authorities say the corrupt officers handed the 43 students to their allies in the Guerreros Unidos drug gang. Federal authorities have ramped up the search, deploying more than 2,000 soldiers and police around Iguala to find the young men, all teacher's college students. A dozen unmarked graves with 38 bodies have been unearthed, but so far authorities say they have not found the students among the remains. Authorities have detained 56 suspects, including 36 officers from Iguala and the neighboring town of Cocula along with several Guerreros Unidos members. Two gang hitmen said they had killed 17 of the 43 students and dumped their bodies in a hillside pit, according to state prosecutors. Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam declared on October 14 that the first 28 bodies that were found did not match DNA of any of the students.

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