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Author Name: Nicholas Carlson
Jack Dorsey Is Not Steve Jobs
Williams kept 70% of Twitter and gave Dorsey 20%. Throughout Dorsey's tenure as CEO, Williams did for Twitter much of what startup CEOs normally do. With the help of investors he picked - over Dorsey's choices - Williams fired Dorsey and made him an "Honorary" chairman. As prosaic as its origins may have been, Dorsey's vision for Square was truly epic. The week before Square launched a product called Square Wallet in 2012, Dorsey had an epiphany. In 2011, The Wall Street Journal's Monica Langley reported that Dorsey would monitor the whereabouts of Square employees, and text them when he hadn't seen them for a few hours. On Glassdoor, a site that lets employees rate their bosses, and Q&A site Quora, they wrote that Dorsey was expanding Square too fast, hiring too many inexperienced managers, and pushing employees too hard. One obvious reason people started comparing Jack Dorsey to Steve Jobs a lot back in 2011 was that Jack Dorsey had returned to Twitter that year as an executive chairman in charge of product. When Jack Dorsey started Square, he wanted to reinvent both sides of the payments network.

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