posted at 17:50
Author Name: Cork Gaines
Jameis Winston Avoids A Huge Disaster When He Shoves A Ref And Doesnt Get Ejected
ABC SportsJameis Winston got away with shoving an official. Third-ranked Florida State avoided an upset at home when Jameis Winston led a 4th quarter drive that culminated with a game-winning field goal with just three seconds remaining. Winston probably should have never been given the opportunity as he should have been ejected earlier in the game. The incident occurred late in the third quarter when Florida State had the ball with the score tied 17-17. As Winston came to the line of the scrimmage, the umpire told Winston to wait. Instead of waiting, Winston shoved the official out of the way and ran the play anyway. Florida State had substituted on the play and the umpire was simply doing his job and making sure the defense had enough time to do their own substitutions. At the very least, there should have been a flag on Winston for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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