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Author Name: Yemeli Ortega
Latin America TVs Little Shakespeare dies at 85
Gomez Bolanos died in the Caribbean coast resort of Cancun, where he retired years ago due to respiratory illnesses, said the Televisa network, where the actor spent his entire career. "Televisa laments the death of Don Roberto Gomez Bolanos, 'Chespirito,' an essential figure of Mexican televisions," the broadcaster wrote on Twitter. Gomez Bolanos - whose nickname Chespirito meant "Little Shakespeare" for his short stature and prolific writing - created some of the most popular television shows in the history of Latin America. In "El Chavo del Ocho", Gomez Bolanos played a mischievous orphan who always wore a hat with ear flaps and slept in a barrel in the courtyard of a working-class housing complex. Born to a Mexico City middle-class family on February 21, 1929, Gomez Bolanos grew up dreaming of being a football player, but he also showed a knack for boxing in school. His father, a painter and illustrator for newspapers, died when Gomez Bolanos was eight years old. His television show "Chespirito," which began to air when he was 40 years old, was on the air for 25 years. Gomez Bolanos is the father of six children he had with his first wife.

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