posted at 21:50
Author: James Pikover
Logitechs Case+ takes your iPhone 5S to the next level [REVIEW]
The system comprises five parts for all walks of life: a case, kickstand, wallet, battery, and car mount. The Case+ itself - the case part - is a shell for the iPhone, a snap-on snap-off holder to keep the phone securely in place. The case provides protection and connects to every other piece. There are thousands of iPhone cases and accessories that provide some extras that we all want Apple's smartphone to provide. Battery cases, wallet cases, waterproof cases, camera cases... a case a day keeps the broken iPhone away. Patriot has a similar system with four parts: a case, dock, charge station, and car adapter. What you see is what you get: a case, a dock, a charge base, and a car mount. You get a case, kickstand, cable wrap, wallet, battery, car mount, plus a tile for another device with the car mount.

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