posted at 15:50
Author: Andy Fixmer
Lyrics may land rapper in California prison
Brandon Duncan, a 33-year old rapper who also goes by the name Tiny Doo, will stand trial starting Dec. 4 under a California law passed by voters in 2000 that allows prosecutors to charge gang members who benefit from crimes committed by other gang members. The prosecutor, deputy district attorney Anthony Campagna, argues Duncan sold more copies of No Safety, an album with a photo of a gun and bullets on the cover, thanks to his gang ties. Brian Watkins, Duncan's attorney, is appealing the judge's decision to allow his client to be charged in connection with the shootings. Duncan's album doesn't encourage violence, Watkins said. While some of his school and neighborhood friends joined gangs, Watkins said his client instead at 14 began pursuing a music career. Duncan, who has worked with the rapper Lil' Wayne, has never been convicted of a crime and moved out of California in 2003 to pursue his music career, Watkins said. Watkins said the police evidence of his client's gang ties is circumstantial and includes photos, some from 1997, of Duncan and school friends wearing red shirts, shorts or shoes - the color of Bloods, a gang that dominates Lincoln Park. "Trust me," Watkins said, "In the Lincoln Park neighborhood, you don't wear blue," the color of the rival Crips gang.

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