posted at 18:50
Author Name: Benjamin Zhang
Mercedes Benz Has A New Naming Strategy
To prepare for this deluge of newness, Mercedes is changing its naming strategy for the first time in more than 20 years. Under the new naming convention, the Stuttgart-based automaker will begin the name of all of its SUVs with the letter G - in honor of Mercedes' iconic G-Class. Changing the name of any car is a risky proposition for an automaker. For some carmakers, changing the way vehicles are named has succeeded. AIn the mid-1990s, Audi switched its naming structure from a numerical system to its current letter/number setup and it's worked out great. Acura's move away from names like "Legend" and "Integra" to "RLX" and "ILX"has been less of a home run. As more and more automakers move towards a letter/number style naming scheme as opposed to actual names, a problem will emerge: there will be too many convoluted permutations of numbers and letters for a consumers to know what going on. Although its new naming convention is streamlined, some customers have been scratching their head. Mercedes is taking the same risk.

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