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Author Name: Mike Bird
MERKEL: The Amazing Political Journey Of The Worlds Most Powerful Woman
The New Yorker has an amazing extended profile of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in its December issue, and we've identified some of the gems. In office, Merkel has gone from being viewed as too pro-market for German voters to the ultimate pragmatist and deal-maker. He told another friend that championing young Merkel had been the biggest mistake of his life. Merkel speaks Russian, which helps her deal with Putin: Unlike millions of others that tried to get under the Iron Curtain and head west, Merkel's father moved the family to the east. Merkel hates dogs: During talks with Putin in 2007, the Russian President brought his dog into the room. REUTERS/Fabrizio BenschVladimir Putin and Angela Merkel with his dog Koni in 2007. Merkel does impressions of the other world leaders: Despite a sensible but slightly joyless public image, Merkel is apparently dry and witty in private. Merkel wants to know why there is no German Facebook: The profile is full of amazing little nuggets like this: Merkel is also apparently concerned about innovation in Germany, that it hasn't produced an Amazon or a Facebook, and the tidbits about her early life are fascinating.

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