posted at 08:50
Author Name: Caroline Moss
Micheal Che Responds To Catcalling Video
Last week, Saturday Night Live actor Michael Che responded to the now-famous and viral "Catcalling Video" with a message on his personal Facebook page. The catcalling video made the rounds online last week, and showed a woman being catcalled dozens of times as she walked down the streets of Manhattan. The full video is a few minutes long, but is compiled from 10 hours of footage, where the woman says she was harassed on the street over 100 times. He likened being catcalled to people recognizing him for his role on SNL. If you don't know Che, or his work, you might think he was being sincere. It's clear Che does not think catcalling and street harassment is something to be taken seriously. You can read more about the video here, and Che's comments here.

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