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Author Name: Tomas Hirst
Mistral Warship Fiasco Reflects Frances Long History Of Terrible Arms Sales
The current difficulties surrounding France's sale of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia mark another awkward chapter in the country's history of arms sales. France currently ranks fifth among the world's largest arms exporting nations, according to the independent Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Although France is by no means the only country to have a checkered history with regards to arms exports, it nevertheless has made some significant missteps in recent history. By 1982 France had supplied five of these missiles to the country. France's then President Francois Mitterrand responded to the invasion by declaring an embargo on any further French arms sales and assistance to Argentina. Europa/Business InsiderTotal arms sales to Libya between 2004-2009.Perhaps unsurprisingly considering their shared history, Italy was the largest provider of arms to Tripoli in the five years after the end of the embargo, selling around €277 million worth to the country. Once again France's hold on the military jet market was in evidence, with the country securing €126 million worth of contracts with Libya pipping Italy as the largest supplier of planes over the period. As the charts above show, France is far from the only country that has seen arms deals come back to bite it.

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