posted at 07:50
Author Name: James Cook
Mysterious Field Of Static Electrical Energy At Google In London
There's something very strange happening outside Google's office in London. Multiple people have reported being zapped by a field of static electricity outside the building, and they have started videoing it to prove the weird phenomenon exists. Reddit user "Master poop" was one of the first people to discover the strange electrical field, posting a video which shows his hair standing on end. After posting the video online, he explained that both of the people featured in the video had since suffered from toothache, and he had even had a small nosebleed. More videos have come to light showing the same electricity field outside Google's office. Back in September, YouTube user "LessAmazingPhil" uploaded a video showing his hair standing on end at exactly the same spot outside Google's London HQ. And there's even a third video showing another man standing outside Google's office with his hair standing on end from some kind of static electricity field. Some people theorise that there could be a problem with electrical wires underneath the street outside Google HQ. Others guess that the design of the building could be to blame. Earlier today, workmen were seen outside Google's office, digging up the exact spot where the electrical phenomenon was taking place.

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