posted at 01:50
Author Name: Jim Edwards
Netflix Sues Mike Kail Of Yahoo
Yahoo CIO Mike Kail has been accused in a lawsuit of taking thousands of dollars in kickbacks while he was a vice president at Netflix. What Netflix didn't know, the video streaming company alleges, is that Kail had a side company called Unix Mercenary, which was taking a 12-15% commission on invoices being paid by Netflix. Business Insider has reached out to both Yahoo and Kail for comment. Kail has not responded to the suit, which was only filed in a California state court on Nov. 24. At some point along the way, Kail began requiring the companies pay commissions to Unix Mercenary in chunks of around $5,000 to $10,000 at a time. Unix's billing address was Kail's house, the suit alleges. Kail did not disclose the arrangement to Netflix, the company claims. Netflix appears to have discovered the alleged scheme by reading Kail's emails.

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