posted at 06:50
Author Name: Joshua Barrie
Novels Written By Computers
Computers are writing novels - and getting better at it. In a play on a human literary contest, around a hundred people are writing computer programs that will write texts for them, the Verge says. It's a response to November's National Novel Writing Month, an annual challenge that gets people to finish a 50,000-word book on a deadline. The St. Petersburg Times reported at the time that "True Love", published by the Russia's SPb publishing company, was the work of a computer program and a team of IT specialists. Alan Turing, currently a hot topic due to the new Benedict Cumberbatch film of his life, asked in 1950, "Can machines think?" It's his test that is the real basis for determining whether AI has reached new bounds - the point where computers might actually take over. Soft test - Human readers can't tell it's not human generated. Hard test - Human readers not only can't tell it's not human generated, but they'll actually purchase it. We'll check out 2014's AI novels when they're released.

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