posted at 21:50
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
Once Upon a Time recap: The Snow Queen to form the magical Avengers?
After Emma & Co. decide to search for the Snow Queen's ice cream truck, they find a file of creepy information about Emma locked in her freezer. She thinks Ingrid is an impostor and decides to go question her soon to be grandpa-in-law Grand Pabbie, but of course, as she tells Kristoff this, the Snow Queen overhears everything. As Anna tries to rush back to tell Elsa, the Snow Queen intervenes. Belle, feeling guilty about hiding information about Anna, uses the Dark One dagger to force Rumple to take her to the Snow Queen's icy lair, hoping to find that magical box that strips people of their powers. Belle just ends up face to face with her "Dark past" in the Snow Queen's evil-magic-laced mirror, which hands out some uncomfortable truths, calling her a coward and spilling about the fake dagger. Of course, he should be the one apologizing, considering he brought the Snow Queen the Sorcerer's Hat Belle was searching for. With a quick hieroglyph decoding from Elsa, we find out that the Snow Queen was looking for the savior. The more pressing concern is the Snow Queen's mirror, which she says is "Part of an awful spell, the spell of shattered sight." And if she casts it, it will make everyone turn on each other.

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