posted at 03:50
Author Name: Stefano Pozzebon
Only 3 Teams Can Win The Premier League
Only three teams have the budget to win the Premier League: Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. This is the finding of new chart published by football writer Paul Tomkins, explaining why Liverpool will not win the Premier League for the 26th consecutive year this season: it simply does not have the money. The yellow spots in the graphic below show the winners of each season since the Premier League was founded in 1993. Tomkins explains that since the 2004 title, and the entrance of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich into English football, the gap between the "über-clubs" and the rest of the league widened, meaning that only a limited cluster of mega-spending teams have a decent chance to win. The League was more equal in terms of spending and, although there has always been a club that spent more than others, the gap would not have cut out the majority of the clubs in the competition. Even last year, when Liverpool ended up runners-up after getting painstakingly close to the title, it was a result beyond expectations: had strikers Suarez or Sturridge picked up an injury, Liverpool would not have anyone else to replace them. All three big clubs must have a bad year, and even that could not be enough. Last year, United had a bad season, and Chelsea underperformed, although the Blues still pulled ahead of Liverpool in the end.

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