posted at 08:50
Author Name: Jay Yarow
Paul Graham: Mean People Fail
Paul Graham, founder of startup factory Y-Combinator, has ignited a new debate in tech world with an essay on "Mean people." There are, of course, many more stories about the company and its executives that people like to gossip about off the record. Some people think that these arrogant, ruthless, jerkish characteristics are necessary for a startup to succeed. Winning is always a function of the situation and the people involved. Another reason mean founders lose is that they can't get the best people to work for them. A mean person can't convince the best people to work for him unless he is super convincing. While having the best people helps any organization, it's critical for startups. You can been a good-hearted person who is kind to people in your circle, while still being a mean, ruthless arrogant businessperson.

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