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Author: Jenni Ryall
People are hacking electronic transport tickets to score free rides
Trip - A trip is travel between a tap on and tap off. Transfer - A transfer is made when there has been less than 60 minutes between the last tap off and the next tap on. Journey - A journey is a collection of trips and transfers which ends when 60 minutes has elapsed from the last tap off. You can't end a journey manually - you must wait 60 minutes from the last tap off in order to begin a new one or complete four trips. Weekly Travel Reward - After eight journeys in a week, the rest of the week's travel is free. Loophole - Opal charges a new journey if you tap on at a different station then where you previously tapped off, except in the city. The issue with this version, is that you need to take 28 trips before you hack it or wait an hour between each trip to create a journey. The latest version, which was attempted on Thursday by the group behind the Opal App, created to monitor your Opal Card spending, uses two train stations not in the city district, this means that each tap is counted as a journey rather than a trip.

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