posted at 02:50
Author: Chris Wild
Proof that teens were painfully awkward even in the 1960s
Revelle Jackson, 96, worked as a commercial photographer in Upper Hutt, near Wellington, New Zealand, after emigrating from England in 1952. Here Jackson has photographed the Upper Hutt Youth Club dances, held three times per week on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons. This set of pictures captures the awkward hesitancy not foreign to young people. Unlike typical representations of the "Swinging '60s," these young people appear uncertain - unsure whether they look attractive, whether they are dancing right, skeptical of the futures on which they are embarking. Have they made themselves attractive? Have they got it right? Are they going to be laughed at? Only the young men lining the wall possess the swagger of confidence, though even they protect themselves from the risky dance floor by folding their arms against the crowd.

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