posted at 21:50
Author Name: Jennie Matthew
Protesters demand indictment of policeman in Ferguson shooting
Louis - More than 100 protesters marched through St Louis, stepping up pressure on a grand jury to indict a white police officer for shooting dead an unarmed black teenager. The shooting sparked weeks of sometimes violent protests and a nationwide debate about police tactics, revived again with the death Sunday of a 12-year-old boy shot by police while waving what turned out to be toy gun in Cleveland. Sunday's demonstration in the Shaw neighborhood of St Louis was the largest of five consecutive nights of protests as the city braces for a decision expected by the end of the month from a grand jury on whether Wilson should be prosecuted. "It's been a lot calmer than I expected. I think a lot of the protesters really want an indictment, and they really want justice, and they don't want violence." Police have stepped up security as they brace for the grand jury announcement, with many residents fearing that protests could turn violent if Wilson is not indicted. St Louis County informed businesses and residents that they were securing buildings in downtown Clayton and temporarily restricting traffic in anticipation that protests could turn violent after the jury's announcement. The jury can either indict Wilson, meaning he could face trial for Brown's death, or determine there is no case for him to answer. Wilson reportedly told the jury he acted in self-defense after tussling with Brown.

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