posted at 03:50
Author Name: Joshua Barrie
Real-Life Lammily Dolls Launch In Time For Christmas
Meet Lammily, the new "Average" Barbie doll that's challenging the toy industry and helping kids see life for what it is. Nickolay Lamm successfully raised more than $500,000 this year - after hoping for only $95,000 - for his vision of fashion doll with normal human body proportions. He says the dolls, 19,000 of them, starting at $25 each, will be shipped on Black Friday - in time for Christmas. They're called Lammily Marks, and they replicate the various "Flaws" that women might have in real life, like stretch marks and cellulite. Lamm told Business Insider he's got 25,000 dolls in stock at the moment, and wanted to further enhance the toys. Lamm told Business Insider it just represents the occasional injury we get and says it highlights that life's "Not perfect, but we get back up and move forward!". The artist feels Barbie dolls portray an unhealthy image of society and is challenging toy companies. Writing on his website after his Lammily funding campaign became a hit, he explains further: "I want to show that reality is beautiful, that life is beautiful, and there should be a line of dolls, which reflects this fact."

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