posted at 18:50
Author: Tom Cheredar
Sun, 30 Nov 2014 02:06:02 +0000
Reddit Secret Santa hits 200K signups, aims to break Guinness world record
Why, you ask? Well, I suppose it might be a bit presumptuous to say it'll increase Reddit's revenue, but what I can justifiably say is that it's setting up a beautiful long-game strategy - something the company is known for doing. Over 200,000 people participating in a program that requires them to comb Reddit for ideas for a gift that'll essentially go to a stranger means that 200,000 engaged consumers are spending money. Thus, the program should gain attention from big-name advertisers willing to buy native ad campaigns on Reddit proper. Reddit probably also sees some revenue from purchases made through the Reddit store. Finally, former Reddit general manager Erik Martin in a previous interview told me that the gift exchanges were important to the company's overall strategy because it brought in new users that ended up sticking around and engaged those that were already actively using Reddit. Technically, we won't know if Reddit will see 200,000 users participate in the Secret Santa program until after it happens. If successful, Reddit will have broken its own Guinness world record for the second consecutive year. That said, Reddit probably hasn't had to spend much money marketing/promoting the event, and the "Breaking the world record" theme is a perfect goal that most users - even those that aren't very familiar with Reddit's robust, active community - can understand and get behind.

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