posted at 15:51
Author: Christopher Miller
Russian state media seizes propaganda opportunity in Ferguson
"So the U.S. government, when talking about their own country, forgets about democracy, human rights, protection of 'peaceful protesters' and people's right to protest," Russian news site Pravda. Much of the Russian media painted the riots as a race war, even referring to African Americans as "Negroes." Svobodnaya Pressa, a popular Russian news website, referred to the Ferguson protests as "AfroMaidan," a reference to the Euromaidan protests that began a year ago in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Ru called the protests a "Color revolution," alluding to the Ferguson protests being about race but also using a reference to the color revolutions in post-Soviet countries that have toppled pro-Russian governments in the decades since the collapse of the USSR. In a headline on Tuesday, Komsomolskaya Pravda, a popular Russian tabloid, posed the question, "Will Ferguson become Obama's Maidan?". Urging Russian viewers to "Draw a conclusion from the two-faced politics of the U.S.," Russian defense analyst Igor Korotchenko said, "In one case, fan the flames like they did in Ukraine," referring to Euromaidan, "But in the analogous situation at home, they behave extremely severely. And that is what's called American democracy." On Twitter, Russians took a slightly lighter, more humorous approach to the events in Ferguson. "Self-defence militia is trying to fight back infamous National Guard. Fergusson, People Republic of Missouri," quipped Russian blogger Egor Prosvirnin, in a nod to the so-called "Self-defense" forces that popped up in Crimea before the Russian annexation in March and in eastern Ukraine at the start of the conflict in April. Referencing Russia's annexation of Crimea, which was done with local "Self-defense" forces later revealed to be Russian soldiers, this tweet says with a wink, "There's no Russian army it's just the local militia." Behind the masked gunman, a sign reads, "Washington People's Republic."

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