posted at 16:50
Author: Josh Dickey
Scott Stapp says hes homeless, under financial attack in crazy Facebook video
Scott Stapp is either the victim of one of the wildest, most well-coordinated illuminati conspiracies ever pulled, or he's got a screw loose. The former Creed frontman's 15-minute Facebook video, uploaded in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, claims he's living in a Holiday Inn with barely enough money to eat after "Someone" drained his bank accounts for reasons he does not understand. He's sober, has been for awhile, has the urine tests to prove it. He's been living in a Holiday Inn, after going a couple of days without eating. The banks wouldn't even give Stapp $5, despite that he told them he hadn't eaten for a couple of days. No matter what "They" do to him, he's "Not going to stop sharing" his religious beliefs. By the way, if your lawyer is a big Creed fan, please put him in touch with Stapp. Do you believe that what's happening to Stapp is real? Or even possible? If you are not wearing a tin-foil hat, let us know in the comments.

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