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Author: VentureBeat
Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:00:09 +0000
Sentient Technologies Raises $103.5 Million in Series C Funding
Sentient Technologies, the company seeking to solve the world's most complex problems through massively scaled artificial intelligence, today announced it has raised $103.5 million in Series C funding that brings the total investment in Sentient to more than $143 million. "We are delighted to be investors in Sentient and will apply its technology to our portfolio of e-commerce, media and entertainment businesses so that they can do innovative things and create new products for their customers. We look forward to supporting Sentient in its growth and development." Vinod Kumar, MD and CEO, Tata Communications said, "As an investor, we share a common vision on the transformative force that massively distributed computing and artificial intelligence can play in helping businesses get insights and solve their most complex big data problems. We see Sentient at the forefront of these technologies and bringing a disruptive approach to cloud based computing services. Furthermore, the scale of our leading global network infrastructure and data center footprint also complements Sentient's growth plans and will enable its global deployment." "We're extremely encouraged with the progress that Sentient has made over the past year and we're excited to have the support and funding of such a strong, global investor base," said Antoine Blondeau, Chief Executive Officer, Sentient Technologies. Sentient operates distributed artificial intelligence on an unprecedented scale, routinely running multiple distributed AI jobs, on millions of AI processing nodes, producing actionable results validated on large and complex data sets. Sentient's distributed artificial intelligence has unique, patented and powerful capabilities that address the distributed, varied, asynchronous nature of data and its continuous influx and growth in order to understand it and make accurate, actionable decisions. "Sentient's unique evolutionary algorithm, mapped across tens of thousands of nodes, gave us access to a method that scales to vast resources and addresses highly complex problems. Sentient enabled us to solve problems previously thought too formidable to tackle due to scale." Sentient team members have decades of combined experience building products and solutions in the artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, finance and security industries and they are bringing that knowledge to bear as they develop Sentient's products and solutions, bringing value to their business partners.

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