posted at 17:50
Author: Karissa Bell
Sony Pictures investigating North Korean links to recent hack, report says
Sony Pictures Entertainment is reportedly investigating whether the recent hack that downed the company's computer system is linked to North Korea. The thinking is that the hack may be in response to Sony's upcoming film, The Interview, which is premised on a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Re/code reports. Citing Sony and "Outside security consultants," the report suggests the hackers may be based in China and carried out the attack as retaliation for the movie. Five unreleased movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment, including Annie and Fury, have reportedly been recently leaked online to file-sharing services. It's not clear if the leak is related to the earlier hack but Variety reports the two are "Likely related." The Interview does not appear to be one of the movies leaked online. As with previous attempts, an email to Sony's press account returned an automatic reply that the company's "Email system is currently experiencing a disruption." Sony Pictures Entertainment was forced to shut down its entire computer network Tuesday, following a massive attack by a group of hackers who identified themselves only as #GOP or "Guardians of Peace." Earlier reports indicated the hack may have been carried out by disgruntled Sony employees, but Sony has not yet cofirmed the source of the attack.

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