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Author: Heather Martino
Tatyana McFaddens Grand Slam Marathon Life
Tatyana spent the first six years of her life in an orphanage in Saint Petersburg, Russia. "I was a very independent person," said Tatyana. In 1995, she met Debbie McFadden, who had no intention of adoption when she visited Tatyana's orphanage as part of her job with the Bush Administration. When Debbie saw Tatyana, she knew she had to take her home. "When I left Tatyana told everybody 'That's my mom,'" Debbie said. Tatyana's legs were atrophied behind her back, and she had to a have a number of painful surgeries to straighten them out when she came to America. To help her gain strength, Debbie founded the local para sports club, the Bennett Blazers, in her hometown in Baltimore, Maryland. Tatyana has defied the odds again and again, becoming the first person both in a wheelchair or able-bodied to win all four major marathons in one year.

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