posted at 15:50
Author: Samantha Murphy Kelly
The 3 fitness trackers to look out for on Black Friday
There's good reason for its popularity - in addition to tracking steps taken, calories burned and your sleep cycle, fitness trackers promote healthy living. They're for true fitness enthusiasts, who want to stay on track when working out or training for races and marathons, but also the casual user who just wants a nudge to get off the couch. The Garmin vivofit is among the top fitness trackers for rigorous workout junkies. The Jawbone UP3 is the sleekest fitness tracker you'll find - and it's smaller than its previous UP24 model. The Misfit Flash might not be the smartest, most innovative fitness tracker on the market, but it's certainly among the cheapest. At just $49 - well less than other models that start in the $120+ range - it does everything you'd likely need to track workouts and your sleep cycle. Like the Fitbit Flash, it tracks steps, calories and sleep, but because it integrates with Jawbone's app software and ecosystem, users are privvy to a reliably smooth experience. The Microsoft Band is not what you want if you're looking for a straight up fitness tracker - it's big and clunky - but it has a lot of smart features that the others do not: in addition to tracking fitness and a built-in heart-rate monitor, you can get call, text and tweet/Facebook notifications directly on the display and even use it to pay for a cup of coffee.

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