posted at 22:51
Author: Tim Cannon
The career benefits of training others
Companies notice the impact that training has on workplace culture and employee retention. Play your part by stepping into a training role, and sharing the knowledge you have with others. Becoming a trainer is a great way to refresh your role within a company, and helping others learn the ropes can give you a greater sense of significance. Training someone else can help you understand how the puzzle fits together, and apply that knowledge to your current role. Plus, you will become a master after repetitively training others on the ins and outs of job tasks. Last year, a Deloitte study found U.S. spending on training increased 12% - the highest increase seen in eight years. As companies spend more on training, trainers have an opportunity to reap the financial benefits. From personal satisfaction to the number of zeros on your paycheck, becoming a trainer is a great way to refresh what might feel like a mundane role.

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