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Author: Patrick Kulp
The countrys first cat cafe is here, and its just the beginning
Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California is the first and only permanent space of its kind in the United States right now - but it just barely launched in time to claim the distinction. Cat Town Cafe opened its doors in downtown Oakland last Saturday and founders Adam Myatt and Ann Dunn told Mashable they have been blown away by the amount of attention it has gotten in just the first week. Dunn founded a non-profit rescue organization three years ago called Cat Town that places cats in foster homes, and Myatt, also known as the "Cat Man of West Oakland" for his wildly popular cat photography, had just returned from a trip to Japan, where he was fascinated by the country's "Crazy cat culture." "I've always been an animal person - not necessarily just a cat person - but cats seem to be the dominating force in my life right now," Myatt said. Cat Town's primary mission is to find homes for cats that are least likely to get adopted in a shelter environment, often because they are "Extremely shy, sick or old," Dunn said. The idea, she said, is that people are more likely to adopt in a setting like a cat cafe because they are comfortable that the cats are in a good environment; whereas at a shelter, potential rescuers can get overwhelmed and depressed. Still, Dunn said that simultaneously running a cafe and taking care of that number of cats can be hugely stressful, and if not for the exponential increase in interest her organization has gotten because of it, she would much rather simply place the cats in people's homes. "People don't realize that running a cafe is hard and takes a shit ton of work...and then there's cats," Myatt said.

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