posted at 23:50
Author: Nora Grenfell
The Good Wife Season 6, Episode 7 recap: "Message Discipline"
Alicia's bid for State's Attorney and Cary's prosecution by that office are the two major plots of Season 6, and this episode saw a lot of action in each. While Alicia tries to feel out her potential competition, Frank Prady, Diane and Cary are fighting new charges against Cary that he was working for Lemond Bishop while he was Deputy State's Attorney. So even though the audience desperately wants Cary to go free, we also cheer for Finn when he uncovers evidence that could damage Cary. When Ramona, a throwback to Season 1 Alicia and possible foil to her now, makes her first appearance in court, we revel in her victory even though it puts Cary and Diane in a worse place than ever. The State's Attorney's vendetta against Cary is a way to hurt Alicia, but in the process of these politics, the one to suffer the consequences the most is the man who's nothing more than a pawn. The best version of Alicia and the most electable version of Alicia are two very different women. As we look ahead to next week, it seems Alicia's campaign has started to negatively affect her work, and her relationship with Diane and Cary may be fraying at the edges as well. What did you think of "Message Discipline?" Could Prady beat Alicia in the race for State's Attorney? Let us know in the comments.

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