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Author: National Journal
The life of a Latino startup founder in Silicon Valley
He came up with the idea and polished his pitch with the help of Manos Accelerator, a tech incubator focused on growing Latino-owned startups in America's high-tech capital. "It's very hard to tap into those circles," says Edward Avila, CEO and co-founder of Manos Accelerator. Avila started Manos in 2013 with two co-founders: Sylvia Flores, a chemical engineer, and David Lopez, a computer technician. The group chose the name "Manos," -the Spanish word for "Hands" - to spread the message that Latinos can do more than manual labor. Their mission caught the attention of Google, which has partnered with Manos by providing mentors, resources and some operating funds. Last fall, Manos brought its first group of entrepreneurs from seven startups to its shared office space in downtown San Jose. Quintero, 40, participated in the second accelerator program at Manos, which ended in August. The Venezuelan native said Manos has helped him make connections and get exposure in the competitive Silicon Valley tech world.

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