posted at 23:50
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
The Walking Dead: 10 Tweets that perfectly recap Beths big hour
Beth's whereabouts were finally revealed in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, and as expected, it was twisted. In the hospital, Beth befriended a nice boy named Noah from Richmond, Va., who spent his days washing and ironing scrubs. She also made nice with the operation's only doctor, Steven Edwards, who was more accepting of his new life than Noah and sort of made Beth his assistant without really checking her qualifications. Dawn was an abusive authority figure who liked hitting Beth, and then there was a pervert officer, who was eventually eaten by zombie Keisha Castle-Hughes, who played a patient in this episode. Toward the end of the episode, Beth was over the whole situation and hopped aboard Noah's plan to escape. Beth didn't seem too heartbroken about it by the end. What could have been a claustrophobic hour about one of the show's least compelling characters turned out to be just the showcase Beth needed to prove how not-boring she's become. This person who seemingly hated Dawn's Beth abuse as much as I did.

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