posted at 20:50
Author: Laura Vitto
This cardboard cutout of Bob Dylan has its own Instagram
Say you're an avid Bob Dylan fan who comes upon a cardboard cutout illustration of your folk idol at a concert one night. If you're like the Instagram user behind Flat Bobby, you photograph that Bob Dylan cutout on a cultural tour of the key places that led to Dylan's massively successful career. The Instagram project has traveled surprisingly far to capture Flat Bobby in his natural habitat, including the Newport Folk Festival where Dylan first went electric in 1965 and the site of his first New York City apartment. The creator of the popular Instagram account, who identified himself only as "FB," tells Mashable that he snagged the cardboard cutout in March from a record release show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for Bob Dylan in the 80s, a tribute album that covers the folk singer's best songs of that decade. FB spotted Flat Bobby after the show, and convinced the artist who designed it to let him take it home. What started as a few snaps of Flat Bobby at bars around New York City has turned into a longer project with more than 2,000 followers on Instagram. "The whole thing is an absurd and ridiculous bit of whimsy, but it's gotten such a good response from people for that reason - and because so many people love Dylan," FB said. "And hopefully, Flatbobby will help sell a few more Dylan in the 80s records, which benefits a good cause. And maybe it will help people rediscover some great Dylan songs that they had passed over."

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